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Dean of Vet Medicine and Biotechnology Department

Bystrova Irina Yurievna

Doctor of Agricultural Science, Full Professor

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Pravdina Elena Nikolayevna

Candidate of Agricultural Science, Associate Professor, Deputy Dean of Training Work

Kulakov Vilaliy Vladislavovich

Candidate of BiologicalScience, Associate Professor, Deputy Dean of Training Work

Fedosova Olga Aleksandrovna

Candidate of Biological Science, Deputy Dean of Scientific Work

Lomova Yulia Valeryevna

Candidate of Veterinary Science, Deputy Dean of Educational Work

Each Faculty has its own history and achievements. Ryazan Agricultural Institute (now Ryazan Agrotechnological University) was established in 1949. On May 18 of that year the Zooengineering Faculty formed. At that time, it consisted of five departments: Feeding and Analysis of Fodders, Private Animal Husbandry, Anatomy and Physiology, Zoogygiene and Entomology, and Chemistry. The first Dean of the Faculty was Associate Professor Nikolai Zakharovich Bolhovitinov. The beginning of the journey was difficult. Nevertheless, the formation of the Faculty was successful, and it continued its progressive development. Its educational and material base was strengthened, Faculty was formed, the content of education was improved, new branches were opened, and the student population increased.

In 1998, the first set of students for the specialty "Veterinary Science" was recruited by the Zooengineering Faculty. Since February 2000, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has existed as an independent unit. In 2007, a license was obtained to open a new specialty "Veterinary and sanitary examination." In that year, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zooengineering merged, the combined faculty was named the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology.

Over time, the Faculty was headed by the following Deans:

· Bolhovitinov Nikolai Zararovich,Candidate of Agricultural Science, Associate Professor, 1949-1959.

· Starodubtsev Vasyl Mikhail, Doctor of Agricultural Science, Professor, 1959-1967.

· Alexander Tishchenko, Candidate of Agricultural Science, Associate Professor, 1969-1971.

· Pavlov Pavel Ivanovich, Candidate of Veterinary Medicine, Associate Professor, 1971-1973.

· Shopushkova Valentina Vasilievna Candidate of Agricultural Science, Associate Professor, 1973-1983

· Vasiliyev Anatoly Vasilyevich, Candidate of Agricultural Science, Associate Professor, 1983-1987,

· Afanasiev Viktor Ivanovich, Candidate of Agricultural Science, Associate Professor and Honored Zootechnical of the Russian Federation, 1987-2004.

· Lavrenov Sergey Mikhailovich, Candidate of Agricultural Science, Associate Professor, 2004-2011.

· Bystrova Irina Yurievna, Doctor of Agricultural Science, Professor, since 2011 to present.

All Deans have been competent specialists. They have made a great contribution to the development of the Faculty. Thanks to them, the Faculty has become a modern educational scientific center.

The consistently high level of training, both at the bachelor's and master's degree levels, as well as following traditions, allow the Faculty to remain the leading link in the training of high-level specialists for the agriculture of the region and beyond.

Today, the Faculty is a dynamically developing structural division of the University. The Faculty operates a research laboratory and a veterinary center "Vita." In addition, advanced enterprises of the agro-industrial complex, research institute of beekeeping, research institute of horse breeding, horse factories, canine centers of Ryazan, Moscow and other regions serve as the basis for carrying out experimental works and offering industrial practice to students. In addition, students have the opportunity to obtain an internship in a chosen direction abroad.

Graduates inclined to scientific activity can continue their postgraduate studies in the chosen field of training. At the same time as obtaining a diploma, students can receive a second higher education degree.


Department of Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise, Surgery, Obstetrics and Internal Animal Diseases – Tel. 98-19-85

Department of Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals – Tel. 98-20-28

Department of Epizootology, Microbiology and Parasitology – Tel. 98-19-92

Department of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology – Tel. 92-48-96


Research laboratory of nanotechnologies in crop and animal husbandry – Tel. 98-19-85

Veterinary center Vita – Tel. 98-19-83

Vivarium – Tel. 98-19-83

NOC "Canine Science"

Educational work with students at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology is an important direction of the informative and educational program, the main purpose of which is to involve students in activities that contribute to the realization of intellectual, creative and physical potential in order to increase their general cultural level and civil responsibility. Students actively participate in various cultural and mass sporting events held not only at the Faculty and at the University levels, but also at the national scale. At concerts, students make presentations in different genres – songs and dances. The student group KVN "Rib of Adam" has been created, which contributes to the formation of interest of students in the cultural sphere of modern society life, obtaining knowledge, services and skills in the field of theatre, music and dance art. Members of the volunteer unit "ENOT" provide assistance to elderly people, participate in urban and regional environmental actions, and help the organization "Best Friends" in animal care.

The high level of organization of educational work by the Faculty is confirmed by victories in various profile competitions, including: "III Festival of Universities of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia," XIII Open Contest of Variety Song, "XIV Open Contest of Variety Song," IV Festival of Student Creativity of Agrarian Universities of Russia "In the city of the First Salyut," International Festival of Military-Patriotic Song "Heirs of Victory, and "MISS CUP-2016."