Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management

Bakulina Galina Nikolayevna

Candidate of Economic Science, Associate Professor 

Currently, the following areas of training are offered by the faculty:

Bachelor’s Degree

38.03.02 “Management


State and Municipal Management; and

Production Management.

38.03.01 “Economics


Finance and Credit; and

Accounting, Analysis and Audit.

38.03.07 “MerchandisingandGoodsExpertise

profiles:Merchandising and Goods Expertise in the sphere of agricultural raw material and agricultural goods production and processing.

Master’s Degree

38.04.02 “Management

Master’s program–“Management activities in the AIC". Head of the program – Doctor Prof. Shashkova I.G.

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Department of Economics and Management,phone: 35-19-55

Department of Business Informatics and Applied Mathematics,phone: 34-30-98

Department ofthe Humanities,phone: 35-77-29

Department of Accounting, Analysis and Audit,phone: 35-33-24

Department of Marketing and Commodity Science,phone: 34-13-42

Department of Physical Culture and Sports 

Dean – Bakulina Galina Nikolayevna, Candidate of Economics., Associate Professor

Deputy Deans:

for instructionactivity–KrysanovaLyubovVasilievna and Dedova Elena Mikhailovna

forscientific activity–Konkina Vera Sergeevna

forcharacter building work–Menshova Elena Vladimirovna

The organizational structure of the Faculty consists of an academic council, a methodical commission, a decanate, and five departments.

The organization of the educational process and its methodological support comply with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education. The pride of the Department is its highly qualified faculty. Among the faculty members are seven doctors of science and professors, and 30 candidates of science and associate professors. Specialists from leading enterprises of the agricultural complex of the region are involved in teaching classes. A division of "Economics and agricultural technologies" has been formed, carrying out its activities on the basis of SPK "Vyshgorodsky" of Ryazan district of Ryazan region.

About 900 full-time and part-timestudents study at the Department. After getting higher education,students have an opportunity to enroll in postgraduatestudies.

The postgraduate students are led by Doctors of Economics–Shashkova I.G., Puchev V.V., Skapenkov S.I., GusevA.Yu., Candidate of Economic ScienceBakulina G.N.

Innovative forms of training – business games, inter-group conferences and discussions on problem situations, round tables are widely used by the Faculty.

Students participate in production practices at enterprises of Ryazan and Moscow regions, where they have an opportunity to gain practical knowledge in a specialty.

An alternative type of production practice is the participation of students of our university in specialized student teams.

Every year, a specialized team "Financier" is selected from among the students, whoassist in the work of additional offices of OJSC "Russian Agricultural Bank."

Many students of the facultyhave beenrecognized by the Government of Ryazan region and the management of OJSC "Rosselkhozbank" with valuable prizes, monetary rewards and certificates.

Graduates of the faculty are famous scientists, politicians, heads of all ranks(A.V. Fomin, V.N.Lyubimov, V.I.Golovanov, V.A.Kiryushova, V.I.Safronov, S.P.Seregin, M.M. Sheraukhov, and I.M. Shernyaev)

Our graduates work in Ministries and Departments of Ryazan Region, Tax Inspectorate, Banks, Insurance and Credit Organizations, Customs, Major Firms, Joint Ventures and Foreign Offices.

Scientific activities are actively carried out by the Faculty. Results of Faculty work are reported through participation in conferences and Olympiads at various levels, and preparation of scientific works.