Evsenina Marina Vladimirovna

Head of the International Department

Candidate of Agricultural Science

Associate Professor

Volkova Olga Sergeevna

Public Relations Specialist

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+7 (4912)35-35-16

office 114, 117, 118 – First academic building (Kostycheva, 1, Ryazan, Russia)

The International Department of Ryazan State Agrotechnological University Named after P.A. Kostychev has contacts with more than 40 international higher educational and scientific institutions in multiple countries, including Belarusian-Russian University (Belarus), Institute of Soil Science and Agro-Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (Republic of Azerbaijan), Western Illinois University (USA), Kaposhvar University (Hungary), State Agrarian University of Moldova (Republic of Moldova), Mirtzhulava Institute of Water Management, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi (Georgia), Province of Free State (South Africa), International State Environmental Institute Named after A.D. Saharov of the Belarusian State University (Belarus), Brest State Technical University (Belarus), Institute of Fodder Crops, Pleven (Bulgaria), Vitebsk Order "Badge of Honor" State Academy of Veterinary Medicine (Republic of Belarus), School-gymnasium № 1 Named after A.S. Pushkin in Shymkent (Kazakhstan), Communal State Enterprise Shymkent Agrarian College of the Department of Youth Policy and Language Development of South Kazakhstan region (Kazakhstan), Namagan Engineering and Construction Institute of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Namagan Engineering and Technological Institute of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, University of Agribusiness and Agricultural Development in Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Union of LOGO (Germany), Institute of Power Industry of Tajikistan, Belarusian State Ordenov of the October Revolution and Red Banner Agricultural Academy (Belarus), Mogilev State Food University (Belarus), Samarkand Institute of Veterinary Medicine (Republic of Uzbekistan), Xuzhou Professional Institute of Bioengineering (China), Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University (Republic of Belarus), Josip Juray Strosmeier University (Croatia), Grodno State Agrarian University (Belarus), Campos Saint Christophe (France), Kazakh Research Institute of Soil Science and Agro-Chemistry LLP (Kazakhstan), and Atatürk University (Turkey).

The main objectives of the international activities of Ryazan State Agrotechnological University are:

  • Increasing the international prestige of the University;
  • Preparing contracts and other documents forestablishing relations with foreign universities;
  • Developing and coordinating plans for Russian-out teachers, researchers and students abroad, and reception of foreign teachers and students for an internship at the University;
  • Organizing international conferences, symposia, seminars and reception of foreign delegations and specialists;
  • Developing international relations to ensure the University’s competitiveness in the educational services market; and
  • Assuringparity of educational and scientific activities of the university with modern world requirements.

Many foreign guestshave visited our universityover the last years, including delegations from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Georgia, China, Poland, Tajikistan, Turkey, and South Africa.

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In order to increase the academic mobility of ourstudents, theInternational Department conducts information seminars, providing detailed information on the programs it proposes to undertakeregarding industrial practices or internships in agricultural enterprises of Belarus, Germany, Denmark and the USA. These programs provide good opportunities for many of our students to improve their foreign language skills and participate in academic exchange programs. Below are some examples.

Agrarian internships in Europe and the United States:

  • Agrarian internship in the USA
  • Agro-internship in the UK
  • Swiss internship program for agricultural university graduates
  • Agricultural work in Finland
  • Agrarian internship for students in Holland
  • Agro-internship for graduates in Sweden
  • French internship for students and graduates of agricultural universities

Master’s Level Classes in Brussels:


  • Finland;


  • Holland

Recently, students and teachers of the University have completed internships and practice in leading research organizations, service centers, and farmenterprises of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Vietnam, Hungary, Germany, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Poland, France, China, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

The internship is a great way to gain experience in a certain field of activity, as well as a wonderful opportunity to learn the latest technologies and techniques from leading specialists in various fields of the agro-industrial complex. The experience abroad is very valuable when a young specialist joinsa leading company inour country or any other country in the world.

Students of the University took part in the Master’s class of the winner of the Third Republican competition of professional skills "WorldSkills Belarus 2018" in "Culinary art," and also visited the competition of cooking “Happy Together”.


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In 2019, a delegation from China visited FSBEI HE RSATU. The delegation included representatives from Xujou University of Technology (Jiangsu Province). The purpose of the visit was to study the prospects of cooperation in the field of higher education and agricultural development. The leaders of the Chinese delegation expressed interest in organizing mutual internships for students and teachers, and joint scientific and educational activities. The delegation took part in the work of the Third International Scientific and Practical Conference "Ecological State of the Natural Environment and Scientific and Practical Aspects of Modern Agricultural Technologies," which took place on April 18, 2019 in RSATU.

The University actively cooperates in various areas with universities of the Republic of Belarus. In March 2019, students of the Faculty of Technology of FSBEI HE RSATU took an internship at educational institution Mogilevsky State University of Food (Mogilev, Republic of Belarus) regarding "National Colour and Innovation in Public Nutrition.”

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In June 2019, a delegation from Atatürk University (Turkey) visited FSBEI HE RSATU. The delegation included teachers and students of the Faculty of Architecture and Design. Guests visited the departments of the Faculty of Technology and Economics, the library and the museum of the university. Within the framework of the cultural programs, visits were organized to the museum-reserve of S.A. Esenin in the village of Konstantinovo, Ryazan historical and architectural museum-reserve "Ryazan Kremlin." The guests were acquainted with the creativity of the great Russian poets, as well as with the history of the Ryazan land.

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In 2019, a team from Ryazan State Agricultural Technology University, at the invitation of the Ministry of Agriculture of France, represented Russia at the Salon International de Agriculture in Paris. This summer, a student from Toulouse (France) completed an internship at our University within the framework of the program of academic mobility.

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In 2018, students of the Faculty of Technology of FSBEI HE RSATU took an internship at educational institution "Belarusian State Orders of the October Revolution and Red Banner Labour Agricultural Academy" (Gorki, Republic of Belarus) under the program "Ecological and Technological Foundations of Agricultural Production and Processing”.

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As part of academic mobility, students of the Faculty of Engineering of FSBEI HE RSATU in 2018 had an internship at a large regional scientific and educational center – State Institution of Higher Vocational Education "Belarusian-Russian University" (Mogilev, Republic of Belarus).As part of that internship, students were introduced to the principles of work and equipment of the thermal power plant, and the weak and strong aspects of electricity production;and they studied the evolution of electrical equipment in detail.


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Every year our teachers are trained at educational institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan. In 2019, in order to develop a keen cooperation, the University was visited by a delegation from Tajikistan under the leadership of e Head of the Department of Education of Khatlon Region D.T. Isayev and Rector of the Tajik Institute of Energy H.H. Nazarov.

Within the framework of international cooperation, a group of Master’s students from Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University took an internship at Ryazan State Agrotechnological Universityin November 2018.The internship covered the following topics: forecasting the life of auto-tractor engines by their thermal condition; Improving safety during repair of agricultural machinery in field conditions; and Staff management and ways to improve agricultural productivity.


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In May 2018, teachers of our University completed a short-term internship in the "Vitebsk Order" Badge of Honor "State Academy of Veterinary Medicine" of the Republic of Belarus. During the visit, the two sides agreed to extend cooperation through further exchange of students and faculty in the areas of internships, lectures, seminars and consultations.

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In November 2018, the University hosted a delegation from the Faculty of Agrobiotechnologies of Josip Juray Strosmeier University (Osijek, Republic of Croatia). The leading teachers of the two universitiesdiscussed relevant topics of scientific research at a round table. These topicswill be further developed within the framework of joint scientific work of two  universities.

The Department of International Relations regularly co-organizes various international events: forums, conferences, Olympiads, and round tables devoted to topical problems of agriculture and processing industry development, among other topics. Also, students of the University annually take part in the international ecological Olympiad of universities of the CIS countries "Ecological safety," led by the international student construction team. Finally, representatives of the University participate in the business forum Days of International Cooperation and other events aimed at strengthening business cooperation with existing foreign partners and developing new partners.