Dean of the Engineering Faculty

Bachurin Alexey Nikolayevich

Candidate of Technical Science, Associate Professor

Bachelor Degrees

Training direction35.03.06 “Agro-engineering”

Training profiles:

“Technical Systems in Agribusiness”

“Electrical Equipment and Technology”

“Technical Support in Agricultural Sector”


Training Direction 13.03.02 “Power and Electrical Engineering”

Training profile:

“Electric Power Supply”

Master’s Degrees

Training Direction 35.04.06 "Agroengineering"

Training Profiles:

  • "Power Supply" (Master’s Program of S.N. Gobelev, Candidate of Technical Science and Associate Professor,Department of Electrical Engineering and Physics)
  • "Operation and Service of Technical Systems" (Master’s Program of N.V. Byshov, Professor, Departmentof Machines and Tractors Operation)
  • "Design and Testing of Technical Systems " (Master’s Program of B.M. Ulyanov, Professor, Departmentof Technical Systems in AIC)
  • “Engineering and Testing of Technical Systems”(Master’s Program of B.M. Ulyanov, Professor, Departmentof Technical Systems in AIC)


Department of Metal Technology and Machine Repair, phone:35-37-94

Department of Electrical Engineering and Physics, phone:35-06-72, 35-07-39

Department of Technical Systems in AIC, phone: 35-08-87, 35-37-22

Department of Operation of Machine-Tractor Fleet, phone: 35-09-17

Power Supply Department, Tel.  35-18-48


Student Design Bureau (SDB) 

Anthem of Engineering Faculty 

The Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization was established in July 1950. The Faculty trains mechanical engineers who are able to properly operate, carry out maintenance and diagnostics, and repair agricultural machinery. The training of engineers in the specialty of Electrification and Automation of Agriculture began in 1998.


The Faculty includes special divisions, which have research laboratories and student design bureaus.


There is target recruitment. It gives young rural people the opportunity to enter the Engineering Faculty and get education in two specialties Agroengineering and Electric Power and Electrical Engineering. For agricultural enterprises,this is a complete guarantee of replenishment of specialistpersonnel

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The University has a contract with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Ryazan region. A special program of support for young professionals has been developed. These professionals receive an additional payment higher than their basic salary for the construction or purchaseof a house.